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Time to get that Beach Body for Summer

You can have tighter, smoother skin, softened wrinkles and lines and an overall a more youthful appearance, look better and feel better for that summertime look that’s just ahead.

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Hollywood Stars Bad Lips Surgery

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never seen so many botched lips, messed up eyes, and overall terrible looking plastic surgeries as I have seen in the last few months coming out of Hollywood land. You would think that the stars who have to look good, and have the money to do just that would pick and choose the doctors who work on their faces a little more carefully.

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Thermage for Men Chin Before and after

Men are opting for thermage now more than ever. Each year the percentage of men requesting thermage goes up, and why not ? Its a procedure that is virtually traceless.  All that your friends will see is that you have

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Is Thermage Safe

All of the Thermage Procedures are fast and safe, non-invasive cosmetic procedures that has been proven over and over to smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger and better looking appearance. There is little down time and all of the Thermage Procedures work on all skin colors, for all parts of the body.

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Cosmetic Professionals Say Thermage is the Real Thing

Only when a product, or group of products, or a specialized cosmetic procedure has been worked with by experts, over a period of time, with success, can you tell if it is the product, service, or procedure that will be successful and survive the test of time.

Today, all the cosmetic experts and professionals across the country agree: “Thermage has gone beyond proving that its treatments are the real thing”. A group of very successful, non invasive and non surgical cosmetic procedures have, in recent years, proven to be the type of cosmetic treatments services that people continue to ask for, and the treatments give the patient the results that they expect

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Hard Bodies

While at my gym doing my daily, and almost un-noticeable daily-after-work workout routine, I could not help but notice how hard some of the guys worked at the equipment, with little positive results shown. I’ve belonged to this gym now for about 10 months and have made some friends and know where some of us started and have watched the progress on some and total lack of any positive results on others over this period. I cant help but think that many of these guys would be good patients for trying the ‘Thermage Stomach’ Procedure’ that is so popular now. ba_30_beforeba_30_after

The ‘Thermage Stomach Procedure’ is especially designed for those who are not real over-weight, but maybe just carrying some extra flab around the middle, or on the legs and arms. What’s really great is that there is little down time and your right back doing what you please fast and you will see the
positive results right away.

Before After
After the procedure, some patients report a noticeable smaller waist, looser fitting clothing and skin that feels firmer and tighter with improved tone.
You will notice smoother skin texture also. Many patients see noticeable reductions in deep wrinkles and healthier skin texture. After treatment, some patients that had been suffering from stretch-marks, say their stretch marks are less noticeable and much smoother. In general, patients with mild to moderate skin sagging experience some contouring and lifting almost immediately. Immediate results are visible and usually continue to improve for up to six months. The ‘Thermage Procedure’ is fast and easy, and requires no downtime from everyday activities. Unlike lasers, the procedure can be performed on patients of all skin colors. I’ve told several of my gym buddies about this great FDA approved procedure and many are trying it and liking the results. These procedures can only be performed by a certified physician in his office. Its safe, fast and you can see speedy results. And, there is no knives or surgery involved. What more can you ask for?

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Dread taking off time from work?

All of us dread taking time off from our jobs especially to take care of some cosmetic condition we have. Most of us put off taking care of cosmetic issues as long as we can and most of us are embarrassed to even acknowledge or discuss these issues.

There are several reasons for this including down time, costs, continuing visits, etc. Well, thats all in the past with the introduction of the Thermage Procedures by Dr. Lisa Zdinak, a trained molecular geneticist and cosmetic laser surgeon, with successful practices in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and in Palm Beach.

Thermage stimulates your body’s natural renewal of collagen, which creates subtle and natural results on the face and other problem areas. You can have tighter, smoother skin, softened wrinkles and lines and an overall a more youthful appearance. The procedures are FDA approved and only performed by certified physicians in your area. Best of all, you can turn back the clock on your skin without rearranging your life for complex procedures or long recoveries. So you can do something great for your skin in a single treatment on your schedule and quickly return to normal activities, looking and feeling fantastic.

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Solution for Baggy Eyes

A fairly new solution to an age old problem is now available through Thermage.
Up to recently the only solution for under eye bags has been through surgery or a face lift procedure. In the last few years, Thermage treatments have become more and more popular for treating this condition. Under eye bags is a problem that many of us have, but surgery, or a face lift, is not what we want to solve the problem.

The new and popular Thermage technology tightens and contours the skin to create a smoother tone and more youthful appearance, and the positive results can be seen almost immediately and improvements to the skin’s texture and appearance will continue as new collagen grows, often for up to several months. This Thermage Procedure is short, depending on how severe the problem is, and a session will usually take about 20 minutes to 2 hours.

The Thermage Procedures are FDA approved and are only performed in the offices of certified physicians. To find the nearest certified physician, go online or look in the local Yellow Pages and get started to not only looking better, but feeling better and regaining that old self confidence you once had.

The treatment is not painful, and it is a one-time procedure performed after a small amount of numbing cream has been applied to the skin. Since my specialty is oculoplastic surgery, I perform this procedure in my office at least twice a day with optimal results that last approximately eight months to one year.

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New Thermage 16.0 Body Shaping Tips

PRESS RELEASE Thermage Procedure Expert Debuts Latest Body Tip Device in NYC Thermage procedure now features a new advancement in technology that will tighten skin and reduces cellulite twice as fast. Dr. Lisa Zdinak has been granted exclusive access to

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Thermage Works for all of us

Whatever area you would like to focus on, Thermage could be your answer. This is a protocol that tightens the skin, improves skin texture, and minimizes pore size. Dr. Zdinak’s Precision Aesthetics is a leading Thermage provider that has been

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