Hollywood Stars Bad Lips Surgery

lisa-rinnaI don’t know about anyone else, but I have never seen so many botched lips, messed up eyes, and overall terrible looking plastic surgeries as I have seen in the last few months coming out of Hollywood land.  You would think that the stars who have to look good, and have the money to do just that would pick and choose the doctors who work on their faces a little more carefully.  I understand that looking good is one of the requirements of being a star and staying in the limelight, but some of these celebs have gone overboard with their changing looks and the results of faulty facelifts, lip augmentation, and everything in between.

Some of these people need to be more careful when choosing their makeover and who does that makeover.  Have they not heard of Thermage and the great results from those procedures?  Wake up Hollywood and start taking some pride in what nature has given to you and when you have a face redone or lips thickened, then do it right by using one of the more popular Thermage Procedures.

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