On Skin Tightening Choices

Eavesdrop on a Cosmetic Consult

If you use your knowledge common sense and actually look at the before and afters with a really keen or discerning eye you’ll understand what I’m saying makes total sense. There are three or four different technologies out there.

Radio frequency started out in 2002 with Thermage to date they’ve
done over 1 million procedures at around 2000 locations. So that is clearly the safest and the longest record five or six years later came Exilis also radiofrequency but no consumables requiring up to six treatments for the body and four for the face.

Thermage requires only one treatment whether it’s the face or the body. Both of these come out very smooth in fact they are used for smoothing and to reduce lumps or for loose skin and they are
even used after liposuction to clean up the lumps.

So look at the before and after’s for cool sculpting or Zeltique ( brand name) and then look at the ones for Thermage. Cool sculpting is great if you have a lot of fat. By nature you’re killing a bunch of fat cells so the results are going to be kind of unknown and if you think about it logically you almost have to be leftover with some loose skin if not in addition to
some lumpiness as well.

Many people report that their girlfriends did Zeltique or cool sculpting and in the conversation about Thermage they said no don’t worry about that forget about that I’m not even considering it because my girlfriend came out lumpy.

There is also Zerona or Cold Laser- Forget about that ours is
collecting dust it’s not worth offering an inferior procedure I’d rather keep paying for it and let it collect dust our particular model is the Illumiwave lipo contour which is 20 times stronger than the Zerona same wavelength 635 nm but even ours doesn’t get any results.

Call anytime and as far as FDA approval is concerned Thermage is more for loose skin Exilis is actually approved for nonsurgical fat reduction Exilis before and afters, cool sculpting before and afters and I am guessing your starting point is their ” after ” picture ….and of course there are millions more on the internet.

There are thousands more you can find,I can send you hundreds more before and afters and we do study and test these machines all the time we were signed up to be the first ulthera in NY
and of course tested Zeltique and constantly talk to the manufacturers of these machines thats all we do.

What you will find in common or see in retrospect is Exilis is great for a few lumps or for a great amount of fat, whichever your results will be smooth Thermage is more or less for someone who has ” lost the weight already” and has loose skin. Fat freezing has done a great job marketing and can remove a great deal of fat in one session but you are killing the fat cells so logically you should land up with loose skin.

Also radio frequency is completely different you are affecting the collagen layer so there is an immediate tightening of the collagen that holds back the fat with Exilis normally 6 sessions for the body but you can keep going you will not see results till the 4th treatment.

I had a dear friend complaining but sure enough after the 4, 5, 6th session she went on to do 3 more body parts. Thermage is much stronger only requires one treatment but its so strong that
it causes you to grow more collagen beginning at 3 months so from 3 to 6 months there is a secondary affect where the skin firms up and smooths out even more. Although we have seen a few inches right off the table as well.Skin Tightening

Thermage is much more expensive and has consumables. Make sure the person is listed on thermage.com with Black Diamond or Pinnacle award, that means they are experienced and are buying $15,000 a month in consumables more important
now than ever.

I get calls every day from Chinese companies offering
bootleg tips for $25 vs $900 ( one time use) these are calibrated to the micron to get the right amount of energy to the area, and of course you want someone who knows how many pulses to apply at what temperature.

Another clue is Exilis feels like a warm stone massage. Thermage has to be hot enough to give you an effective treatment. We give everyone a percocet in order to allow us to give them an effective treatment. If they say they dont do that, They have never turned the machine up high enough to give a person an effective treatment.

We get people all the times who were getting ok, or so so treatments elsewhere. On the other hand if they say anesthesia,
run out the door fast! You can easily get a 3rd degree
burn if you are not getting feedback. I have only see that anecdotally.